Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Dear Blog Fam,

I'm pretty sure that today is the day I quit my life.

Not any morbid suicide thoughts or craziness like that so there's no need to send nobody to the house with them ugly ass white jackets.

But just... quit.

I'm tired. And life has been kicking my ass. And I like my ass. It's pretty. It's round and perky, it makes my jeans look pretty, it makes a nice cushion to sit on, it give my hips someone to talk to so they aren't lonely. So I just don't see how I can in good faith allow this to keep happening to my ass all the while knowing that my ass has been good to me.

Truth is I'm overwhelmed. And I dunno what to do about it. Or where to start. Because every time I get some clarity about anything...

...something else kicks me in my ass.

It's always something isn't it?

So I'm kinda exhausted. I wish I could somehow eloquently state the toll that the last couple years have had on me but I don't think even I have fully grasped it yet, so it's even harder to relay that to you. But I feel it. I'm weary.

So no more running. No more walking. I think I'll lay.

Can somebody send me some Chinese food to the crib please? Broccoli and chicken, extra brown sauce on the side. And an egg roll. And if anybody is near DC if you could stop by Danny's in NE and get a sista some chicken wings I swear I'll have your babies. Oh and send a bottle. Of whatever.

Thanks kiddies!!! :-)

Sincerely Yours (curled up in a ball in the bed watching The L Word),

La :-)


Fantastically Misunderstood Me said...

You're an Aries. You couldn't quit if you wanted to. Too much pride, too much drive, too much YOU. Take a break. Cry, fall apart, lose your mind. Then get up and keep going.

Christina said...

oooh danny's......i'd really send you some if it was possible to keep it fresh that long.....and the my most recent l word season SUCKED! lol

Christina said...

and i meant the most* not the my most lol

Blah Blah Blah said...

Think I have been where you are for the past year...
I decided to just ride it out (still riding)...

If I was in atl...I'd be all up on your couch with you eating that chinese...then we'd drink and the act silly and go out and find us some eye candy..then go home and talk about how lame eye candy

durtymo said...

LOL @ Danny's! I'm come to realize it's not the wings's the mumbo sauce. I can not for the life of me figure out what it is???!!!??

*shrug* anyway..

The L Word. I heart that show but I digress..

It's ok La. Sometimes we all have to take a step back and evaluate, reevaluate and evaluate some more. Take all the time you need and if there's anything I can do personally..lemme know!

Feel betta! *e hug*

jameil1922 said...

girl scoot over. i need to lay down, too. but i think instead i'm priming for what's next. lmao @ give my hips someone to talk to so they aren't lonely.

La said...

Fantasitcally you're right of course. But can't I be lazy for a minute pleeeeaaaase? lol Welcome by the way

Chris I neeeed some Danny's, lol. I haven't seen the most recent version as I am new watcher to the show so I am only on season 3

Blah see this is why you're the shit. I was JUST saying I would need somebody to keep me company *patting the empty space next to me* wanna fortune cookie? hahaha@ eye candy. If there's drinks involved, eye candy would be the least of my troubles, lol

Mo see that's why I don't eat no damn mambo sauce. I can't identify that shit, lol. You're so sweet :)

Aww Jam *throwing the covers back*

DollFace said...

La, did all of this start when you moved to Texas? Or has the underlying sadness always been there?

I can't send you wings but I'm sure I can overnight you some dessert from one of NYC's finest:)

mia. said...

It must be contagious... I swear after I read this, I had one of those days - technically one of those weeks.


I keep telling myself that if I can make it to Friday, I'mma be alright.

And it's not even bad, it just feels like something is... missing and I don't know how to go about completing it...

Tomorrow is Friday, right?

Rashan Jamal said...

Sometimes you just have to lay it down... but you'll get up soon enough.

Vdizzle said...


I didn't know you were an Aries, but I'm with fantastic. You couldn't quit if you tried.

Deep breath. *passing bottle* and ride out the storm chica.

DiamondsR4eva said...

I hope everything works out, just take it one day at a time, ^5 for the Aries out there :-)

Jarrod said...

Bottle? I'm moving way past that. I'm looking into abusing some prescription drugs. Anyone? Anyone?