Friday, June 13, 2008

"Ima Hit Defrost on ya, let's Get it Blazin'..."

Aiight let's real talk it out for a second, yes?

We stay allllllll up in and through each other's shit right? We discuss everything from down low brothers to dick size to Dior to diaphragms, true? There are things you share or have shared with our little incestuous circle of blog family that you haven't even told your sister/best friend/work homie/brother/cousin that you love more than fish fries on the 4th, yeah? And for most of us, especially if we've been in the game for a little while, some of our blogger friends become real life friends. We talk to these people everyday. We meet them in real life. Text them. IM them. Call them. Shop with them. Break bread with them.


But only in the good way. Not like that crazy nosy cousin who is forever making smart ass comments cuz she thinks you slept with the fine ass dude from up the street that everybody was trying to get with from around your way yeah I hit that. We keep it pretty trill around these parts, right?

And like I said, I know some of us deal with each other offline.

So let's be real...


Oh. Ok. Yall close and sensitive and shit. You think using a term like 'fucking' doesn't do your relationship justice. That's cool. So who's dating? Interested? Flirting? If you wanna throw it back, 'talking'. Leave it in the comments. Leave links to their blogs, please. I'll even post a submission myself if you guys participate.

Ok you don't wanna put your business out there. That's cool. I'll even let you do it anonymously. And don't worry, I have a full time job and a life and a relationship and a dog that thinks my Banana Republic halter tops are chew toys. Ain't nobody got time or inclination to be trying to track down your anonymous ass comments and I don't know how to do that shit no way.

Even if you're not dating, what blogger are you so in love with, so infatuated with their style and their writing that you WOULD you like to maybe possibly holla at if the situation presented itself? You can leave that anonymously too.

And tell your friends to stop by and leave their secret blog crushes/relationships. I need some new blogs to read which is what this is really all about. :-)

You've got all weekend kids cuz I am A-town bound for the next few days. Any Atl bloggers? RJ email me or something! Let's get your antisocial ass out the house!


Jonzee said...

Fuck it. I'll jump first. Does it count if you used to mess with someone before they were a "real" blogger. Dude's writing makes me reminice about our long politcal diatribes and Sunday morning paper reading. But...he is strictly my bossy ass big brother now--just as it was supposed to be. (CYA, ya know)

Now as for the crush. I have a big ole girly crush on ABB and there is something clearly kind and gentle about the Electronic Villager, I think he's a cuddler. And there is that cocky muufucca Field Negro--nothing like a cocky muuufucca, 'nah mean?

Duck said...

Oh, you are messyyyyyyyyyyyyyy... lmao!

jameil1922 said...

you just had my mouth hangin open with that one la!!!

Opinionated Diva said...

*side eye'g you like crazy*

I learned the hard way that blog romances (or whatever you want to call them) are not for me...and...that's all I'm going to say about that.


PS: But I'll be back to see if anyone actually tells all the business.

LadyShay said...

DAMN this shit was a good ass idea. I will def post a link on my blog so people will come dish some dirt.
A-Town has a few bloggers you should check up on All-Mi-T, Miz Represents, and 12Kyle.

I'm a flirt so a blog crush is like a cup of tea to me. I've have yet to mess around with another blogger though.

X Factor said...

La, I don't feel like the people are giving you what you're asking for. So what you're saying is that you're finally ready to acknowledge that we're so close because you served me up that one time... At band camp?




Chris said...

You are so scandalous.

and LMAO@X-factor.

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

LOL Damn no hasn't admitted to anything yet.

I for one haven't messed around with a blogger but I wouldn't mind testing the waters with one in particular.

I agree with jonzee about Field Negro. He's a cocky mofo and I love it. Plus I imagine that's him in the pic on his blog. I had another blog crush but he made his blog private which is his second time doing. I his blog. He was a real talker. He made me a little moist when he said he literally fuck the shit out of his exwife one night. LOL

the joy said...

The mischevous lil child in me is giggling and kicking her feet! I don't have any blogger crushes or anything... But I love gossip!

Prince Xem VanAdams-Lumumba said...

I LOVE the Brash and Sassiness of Your Post. Though I DONT have any fellow Bloggers who Im lookin to Bone this Summer, Ive DEFINITELY come across a few INTERESTING Posts. It AMAZES Me, NOW that Ive begun to SERIOUSLY visit other Blogs, just how MANY of us have SIMILAR Interests, Ideologies and Philosophies about Life, People, Love, Politics, Sex and Relationships.

Im just NOW beginning to TRULY divugle a LOT of My Personal, Day2Day Existences, to the People. U Know...

Rashan Jamal said...

You aint gettng me in no trouble. LOL

I'm going to Savannah tomorrow for my moms b'day party. If you are still here when I get back, I'd love to hang out. I'll email you my info.

Anonymous said...

I am.

I mean, I was.

I mean, I realllllly want to again. Like right now. In the middle of my living room up against the front door.


Saitek said...

I havent really been in the world of blogging for too long but i must say if my situation was a little different lady shay woulda been mine a while ago, no shame in my game just keepin it real! cant front i enjoy having text with her, who knew emails could be so fun?

but in the mean time, i will be on the prowl for more beautifully minded female bloggers.

Adei von K said...


caught me off guard!! all big, bold and in red!

how do you center text like that??

i read too many girl blogs for any crushes. plus, guy writers don't do anything for me. almost like a dude with an umbrella...

i will say this, i used to have a slight girl crush. it came when we were confessing scandalous secrets. i got over it cause that would be cyber cheating on drew.


The Second Sixty-Eight said...

Nope. I ain't hittin' it with no bloggers.

However there are a few who would make the "Next Ex Mrs." list, if there wasn't a current Mrs. I won't say who but they were recently accorded special status over at the blog.

Yeah, yeah. I KNOW I am SUPPOSED to be saying who. But where is the fun in that?

Vdizzle said...

Sorry, no blog crush. But I was really hoping more people would spill it on here. Lol.

DollFace said...

I don't have a blog crush but I have had a blogger to have a crush on me.

But for participation, I love
Charles' creativity. I'd mind fuck the shit out of him! LOL

durtymo said...

I see these folks are SCARED! I got a blog crush on Him cuz he sassy and funny as hell! LOVE.IT!

And if there were no Stunna, I'd totally spit game to him LOL!

That's all I got! I haven't physically fucked any bloggers. LOL@that!

shani-o said...

LOL... this is somewhat applicable to me, but I sure as heck am not spilling.

Tom_Gurl said...

All you blogger men live too damn far for any kinda romances!

cherry's kid said...

Ok, I'm in...I had to think about for a minute...and I know he's going to check it because he's so self-centered but....I'd fuck the shit out of Rashan...just a one time thing just to see if I could make him moan...other than that no one else...LMMAO

~Smile RJ!

Monie said...

dead @ cherry's!


I thought it would be straight up *crickets* in here. People are talking but nobody is spilling. Bastards.

Let's see: I used to "talk to" Mr. Listen to Leon. We don't live in the same state so it wasn't like THAT but we have been...affectionate. Ha!

Crushes: I like looking at Swag's pictures. Hahahahaa! His smile makes me weak and he certainly does have that swagger. He's a youngin but he could catch it.

It's weird but I really wanna hug Rashan. I really have a feeling that he has nice body heat and smells good.

I'm a fucking weirdo. I'm out. LOL!

Blah Blah Blah said...

How the hell you gonna ask everyone to put there business out there and YOU don't even start it off with who you want/been wit/still wit??? LOL

I've been bloggin for 4 years. I have had "relationships" with about the same amount of bloggers. Some of the words were better than the dick, some the time was better than the dick, and some dick was...whew!

From anon Blah Blah

Anonymous said...

Both of em could get it!

Anonymous said...

And if I liked girls like that:

There needs to be some more male bloggers I can aspire to fuck, ROTFL!

Rashan Jamal said...

I love these comments!!! LMAO!

magnoliapeach said...

I don't get that "CGI" vibe from any dude in blogland. Am I going to the wrong pages?! LOL!

La said...


This is what I be talkin' about. When I be talkin' about stuff, this be it.

SO here I am, back at work after an extra trying weekend with my family in New Orleans, and I am thinking to myself, "Self (cuz that's what I call me) self," I say, "at least you can go back to work and catch up on blogs and get new blogs to read from all the juicy comments your blog fam has surely left on your page.

And then I get here... and it's the bitchassness.



**running around the room, high-fiving Jonzee, Southern Gal, Dollface, Durty, Cherry, Monie and all the anonymous-es.... side eye to the rest**

Epsilonicus said...

I had two blog crushes:

A.I. - I had a HUGE crush on her. I just loved her smile.

Wise - I have a thing for older women. I just think was is sexy. Now I look at her as a bigger sis but I used to think she was fine.

Qucifer said...

Nah I have all sorts of relationships with my bbloggers friends , we text we talk but quite frankly I don't wanna "DO" anyone like that... real life is kicking my ass and giving me second servings as it is!

Mr. Jones said...

I've slept with...

**pulls out abacus, pen and pad**

...three bloggers so far. I say so far because I'm actually traveling to Chicago with one next week and it's quite possible that my body count could be bumped up to four.

The real tragedy in all this is that I got mad confused when trying to recall my exploits and couldn't remember if I fucked three or four already.

That number could technically be bumped by one, but I slept with one before the whole blogging thing came up.

Blah Blah Blah said...

You want names?
'Cause I think I just gave you some good quality shit SON!

And YOU have yet to say ANYTHING...budda could you do me a favor...and go'on and look up who wants to do me...and slip me that name...LOL

I am out!

Anonymous said...

I'm really crushin on blah blah blah..... I don't know but it is something about her that speaks to my inner being.

hawa said...

Dag. No real confessions here. I'm happily engaged, but three male bloggers come to mind when I consider "men who hold my attention" in a sexy kinda way:

field at The Field Negro
(Did anybody catch when he posted an actual photo of him and his beautiful wife?)

Torrance at Raw Dawg Buffalo
(There's just something about the way this educated brotha is holding his face in that black-and-white photo, the way he drops science, and the way he talks about having a woman)

Slish over at Mr. Slish
(The man simply tells a great fictional story and brings such color and energy to a real-life story.