Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Hey everybody!



That's more like it.

Hi kiddies! Sorry I just disappeared, no posting or commenting or notice or NOTHIN'. I know I said I would be better with that but... sometimes I be lyin'.

I was outta town, trying to simultaneously do some grown woman things and not get alcohol poisoning because that is for pussies and many other things. You'll get a great post about the strip club so soon!

In the meantime, go visit these two blogs.

Mo Betta Jewels

X Factor hand makes fabulous jewelry that you will absolutely love. She has some pieces pre-made or she can make some to your specifications. I have 2 bracelets that I try to wear every chance I get that I have had NO LESS than 5 people try to literally buy off my wrist. The blog is a work in progress and she is putting more pics up daily so check her out!!!


Joy crochets (is it wrong that it took me 3 tries and a quick trip to her blog to not make that spell 'crotch'? **childish snicker**) and makes really great stuff. She made me a blanket (the red and black one towards the bottom of the page) because I wanted some kinda family heirloom that means and I love that thing and sleep with it every night because despite the fact that it's been over a year and Honey somehow got a hold of it and chewed a hole in the center, I swear it still smells like Joy. She really is quite talented as is evident from her blog, and her turn around is insane, so please go look at her creations too.


nikki said...

gawtDAMN. that girl is MAD talented. i crochet, but it's NOTHING like what she got.

there's another blogger...i gotta remember her name, but she also crochet and knits extremely well. i'll have to send you the link so you can check her out.

u know ladylee also crochets. we actually started a lil crochet circle (well, at least the idea is there but we haven't officially done the first meeting yet).

oh, and aquababie makes jewelry, too. her stuff is just BLAZIN.

X Factor said...

"Crotch" **snicker**


Thanks for the shout out! And I sooooo cannot wait for a post about strip clubs :)

mia. said...

Strip club?

*ears perk up*

cherry's kid said...

can't wait for the strip club post!!!

ps. I went to X's page but there was not price once I clicked paypal for the bracelet I want...but I emailed her so X...it's me put me on!!!! LOL

the joy said...

Aw, pheebs! Thanks! Yeah I really need to fix that blankie, ahem...

X I see you! I'm about to talk to you about some Christmas presents...
Thanks Nikki! I think you may be thinking of Durty month. She makes bags and such.

Rashan Jamal said...

How did we not go to a strip club when you were in the A?

X Factor said...

Yeah... how did you manage to miss the STELLAR pole talent of the ladies in the A? Wonder if they keep their purses on stage with them too?

the joy said...

Oops I meant durty mo. Damn auto text!

LadyLee said...

Hey La.

I said "HEY LA!!!!!"

Those are some good links... I crochet, but not THAT fast. geez!

rebecca said...

The Naughty Boy

There was a naughty boy,

And a naughty boy was he,

He ran away to Scotland

The people for to see

Then he found

That the ground

Was as hard,

That a yard

Was as long,

That a song

Was as merry,

That a cherry

Was as red,

That lead

Was as weighty,

That fourscore

Was as eighty,

That a door

Was as wooden

As in England

So he stood in his shoes

And he wonder'd;

He stood in his shoes

And he wonder'd.

-----by aoc gold