Thursday, April 16, 2009


Today I wore makeup.

A pretty bronze-y pink that I picked up from MAC as a treat for myself on my birthday (while doing the self pity shopping) complimented by various shades of gold and chocolate brown. The colors blended nicely under perfectly sculpted eyebrows and mascara to give me that doe look. Since it's warming up, I opted for just a little bronzer, neutral colored lips. I looked beautiful, if I do say so myself.

Underneath it though, I was blazing.

I have been for awhile now. Outwardly cool and calm and collected, inwardly seething. Absolutely simmering with fury.

I am angry all the time.
And I have no idea why.

To be fair, there have certainly been valid reasons to be angry; there have been more than a scarce amount of slights and resentments and neglects and arguments to certainly fuel my wrath. But mostly it's just a lingering boil, simmering right beneath the surface, spilling over, scorching everything when I least expect it to rise over the edge.

The only way I know to deal is to stick to myself for a little while until I can get a lid on it or find the cause of it or at least turn down the temperature on my anger.

But it seems like everyday, every slight, everything that just has to become a full on production just because of the orchestration of my life, turns the temperature up 10 degrees.

Goddammit I am hot.
And not in a cute way.

Just writing this, I feel my body heat inching up. My palms are getting sweaty. My heart is beating faster in my chest. I'm clenching my teeth. I feel short of breath. It's like even acknowledging it reveals a draft, lets the air in to bolster the flames.

But I am out in the world so I smile, albeit tightly. I try to be polite. I try to stick to myself. I try goddammit.

And it's not helping.

Underneath the MAC, something is festering, putrid and fluid, splashing over all the contents of my life. On the inside I am seething, hot and humid, barely managing to act like I have any modicum of sense.

Today, I wear makeup.

Tomorrow... who knows?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

25 Things About 25

Here are some things I have learned since turning 25 that I think are important to share with you... you know, cuz I'm so wise and shit.

1. When you're feeling sorry for yourself, you SHOULD NOT go shopping.

2. Tattoos hurt. Especially on thin skin. Since it's been 3 years since your last one, you'll forget this and think you're a soldier, but alas... you are not. You may or may not wind up straddling a chair looking topless and whimpering like a little bitch.

3. Birthdays are not for diets. Or at least not diets that don't involve cupcakes and Mexican food.

4. Boys in basketball shorts are insufferably sexy. If said boys can actually ball, I may or may not entertain putting out at half court.

5. You should always get laid on your birthday.

6. Someone will always find a way to ruin your day if they can. The trick is to get so drunk that you don't care. Also...

7. Drinking is more fun if you do it in the middle of the afternoon.

8. Getting older sharpens your math skills. I.e. Vin Diesel + fast cars = wet dreams.

9. When it feels strange that you've not gotten fucked up and/or gone to the strip club, you've gone over to the bad place.

10. Friends are better when you know how to appreciate them.

11. Just like dick.

12. You know you've grown up when you stop before going shopping to... pay bills.

13. It really isn't them... Its you.

14. You know you love someone when you will share your space with them... And not kill them when they eat in your bed.

15. Blackberries are the devil... dance around the flames.

16. You're nobody til somebody side eyes what you're wearing.

17. Its ok to freak out about a gray hair... If for no other reason than it will prepare you for how you'll react to the others that are soon to follow.

18. Psycho calling/texting gets even less cute with age.

19. Find a good pedicurist... Your days of being able to reach your toes are numbered.

20. On your birthday (especially in the case of #1) you can convince yourself that you absolutely need that $200 pair of shoes or other ridiculous item. You absolutely do not. That being said...

21. I need a meerkat.

22. If you don't want to hear from people you long convinced yourself you didn't know, don't put your birthday on

23. No, the aquarium ISN'T less fun because you stopped to pay your Cap One bill before you went.

24. Sometimes speeding is good for the environment... or... the... greater good of... humanity. Yeah.

25. Twenty-five feels different than twenty-four. No bullshit.