Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Party's Over, My Friend

My head has already turned on the lights. It has closed the top on the piano and replaced the party soundtrack with silence. It is swishing a push broom through the streamers and glitter and confetti that litter the floor. It is washing the champagne flutes and wine glasses, tossing the red solo cups. It’s moving the tables and chairs back to their rightful places, and straightening the pictures knocked askew. It’s wiping up the mysterious substances that spilled and tucking away the odds and ends brought out only for the occasion. It is throwing away the trash left behind. It’s closing and locking the doors, pulling the drapes shut on the windows. It’s cleaning and scrubbing the places left stained and it’s almost ready to move on to the next party.

It’s just waiting for my heart to catch up. 

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