About Liquor, Loans and Love

It all started with a commonly uttered phrase among La’s fellow 20-somethings; “I gotta get my life together.”

It became almost a reflex, a rote response to any situation where things weren’t working out like they should and, as any mid-to-late 20s person will tell you, things don’t work out like they should often.

She heard it after every breakup, after every unplanned resignation or pink slip, after every parental run in and new student loan statement; “I gotta get my life together.”

And so, La started to wonder if ALL of her friends were really emotional, professional, and financial messes or if they were all stumbling through some strange phase in life that there had been no classes about in college but that she had heard vague rumblings of; Quarter Life Crisis. The time after college when life supposedly “really starts” but really just starts being an utter mess.

Every page is a testament to other 20-somethings that they are not alone and a reminder to the 30-plus crowd of what they’ve lived though. Every awful job, bad date, late bill and drunken debacle is carefully chronicled in hopes of helping someone else, despite the author admittedly having scarcely a firmer grip on surviving quarter life crisis than she did the day she stumbled across the stage at her college graduation.

Liquor, Loans and Love is at times hilarious and other times heartbreaking but at its core is an honest account of all the years that come after doing all the things you were told you were supposed to do… and what happens if you decide that you don’t want to do them anymore.