La's Loves and Lusts

Your 20s wouldn’t be your 20s without a number of emotional and sexual follies. Here’s a bit more about mine, that you will often find mentioned…


First (and likely last) girlfriend that none of my long-time readers realized I had, until I casually mentioned it in a post about a year post breakup. Great, if trying relationship that I chronicled very little, as B.O.B. was a closeted girl blogger.

If everyone has one epic heartbreak, this was mine. He was the college-sweetheart-carried-over-into-adulthood love of my life that disappeared without a word after a trip with my family. He was not quite so successfully buried rather than dealt with, and though it’s all settled now, every once in awhile he resurfaces. When he does, we drink.
My favorite ex-boyfriend of all time whom I met through Gay Husband, as they used to be best friends. We dated while I was in college and he was in the Air Force aka, the mistress I lost him to. I almost married him, except notsomuch.
My insanely handsome, intensely charming first college boyfriend who, as the name suggests, is now an insanely handsome, intensely charming gay guy. Our history is sorted and ridiculous, and yet, uniquely ours.
The middle school and high school boyfriend who I was CONVINCED I was going to spend forever with. We all make mistakes.


Perfection personified. My first attempt at interracial dating. An almost rebound from his engagement and my B.O.B. breakup. Though I am deeply infatuated with him and his random pop ups in my life, but alas, que sera sera. He is currently dating the world’s most beautiful woman. We hate her.

Model handsome. Smarter than everyone on C-SPAN. Funnier than your favorite standup comedian. More charming than your neighborhood pimp. Great Houdini rebound. I was kinda awful to him. It was kinda funny. Also, he’s a douche.

Perfection personified. Handsome and intelligent and funny and sinfully charming. Moved away while I pulled away. Rebound from Almost Fiancé. (Seeing a pattern?) He is now happily married to the most gorgeous woman in the world, with the prettiest baby in the world. This makes us happy.